Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Big News

First some unfinished business from yesterday's post about the new procedure for the front desk.  These are the forms we can conveniently pick up without having to wait in line.

  1. Palm Creek Rules & Regulations
  2. Information about Dish internet service
  3. Recycle information sheets

  1. Site Improvement Process
  2. Site Improvement Forms
  3. Landscaping Work Orders

  1. Gravel request forms
  2. Housekeeping requests
  3. Phone work orders
  4. Green waste bin requests
  5. Dish service orders
  6. Maintenance work orders

After filling out the forms, just conveniently drop them in the box at the front concierge desk.

More BIG news.  This is a "first" for Palm Creek.  Site 693 has new owners.

For good reason, they love the view from this site but the single wide park model had limitations for expansion.

Sooooo......Jim and Carolyn sold the park model and moved it out so they could install a new home.

In less than three hours, the park model was picked up, put the wheels back on, and away she goes.

Along went the stairs, the air conditioning, and underneath piping.  

After a little digging and cement work, the site will be ready for its brand new house.  Sounds easier and faster than a big add-on room project plus the bonus of the warranties and special lease rate of a new model.

On the way home, I met Bob Fahrenbruch.  OMG!  Look at the beautiful piece of artwork he created!  I've never seen one quite so intricate.  It has taken Bob many many hours to build.

Congratulations, Bob!  We hope to see this on display at the wood shop show come spring.

Remember those 22 rental houses that are still arriving at a steady rate?  Our hard-working housekeeping staff is on the move from house to house getting them spruced up and ready for occupancy come this season.

Here's Charles delivering some of the equipment and supplies for each house.

It takes a lot of teamwork to make all of this happen so fast.
  Lots of planning involved.  

Meanwhile, over in Phase 3, the asphalt is being laid on the new streets.

We watched this earth mover for quite a while this morning.  He drives down the front side of the berm picking up dirt, then drives to the back side and dumps it.  

At the same time, this other vehicle follows behind and levels the ground for the next pass.

Yes, those are puddles you see in the above picture since we had a strong thunderstorm last night that brought some beautiful heavy rain to settle the dust and clean things off a little.  It was a welcome site with beautiful monsoon clouds and plenty of thunder

This is such an EXCITING place to live.