Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Another House etc etc etc

These two gents got a LOT of work done yesterday.  All the light poles are up and they just have this end of the courts to finish up.  Darren says with some luck they'll be done here today.

This pole is too long.

Time to cut.

Only takes a second.

Now it fits.


Hey............another new house enters.

It goes here on the new street.

I recognize this rig following right behind the house.  It's the Blount team heading straight for that new house.

The food court area still being prepped for the pavers.

Still working on the new street curbing.

Progress on the south pavilion.

I end today with this darling little Charlie Brown fruit tree.  It looks like it gave its all to grow that much fruit but just was too tired to hold its leaves.