Wednesday, September 30, 2015


These huge double load dump trucks keep coming through bringing more fill for the roads.

New houses are still coming in so Blount's assembly crews are very very busy.

The houses arrive in two pieces so the first chore is to peel off all the protective coating on the open sides.

Then its a matter of pushing the pieces together.

Take the tires off.

Seal the roof lines.

Shimmering Desert is growing.

The new sidewalks will be much appreciated.  

Landscaping crews are still trimming in addition to reseeding the front 9.

There's new sidewalk and a crossing at the 4-way stop too.  Very nice!

Thatching and reseeding on the front nine.  Achoo......,

Fence looks complete around the new dog park at the south pavilion.

Prepping for more sidewalk to get poured.

Hi Ho Hi Ho ... it's off to work we go.

The city insisted on continuing the street here for fire truck access.

All the tonka toys were really busy again.