Friday, September 22, 2017

Signs of Progress

Sure do LOVE these cool 70+ degree mornings!!  What a relief!

We tried to get a photo across the north 40 so you could see the virtual forest of green sewer pipes.  Many sites will be ready for new homes.

Still scalping the golf course in prep for reseeding.

Plenty of dust in the neighborhood.  

Here's the rich new soil additive to spread on the course.

 There are mountains of grass and debris from the course.  It gets stored on empty lots until it dries out a little and then gets hauled to the landfill since we can no longer recycle it ourselves.

I sent Don out to take a bunch of photos of the staging area for the north 40.  There are pallets and pallets full of supplies to be used in this area.  

Looks like we purchase fire hydrants by the dozen.

So much money being invested here.

The entire area is definitely a work in progress.

It must feel like a never ending job to be assigned to this wall.  

That's a LOT of bricks to lay!

Every construction project needs a place to pile the junk until it can be disposed of.
This must be the place for now.

The ballfield has been reseeded and is turning its luscious green color.

I'm already anxious for the ballgames to start.

Cleaning our pools is a daily chore for our maintenance crew.

Thank you to all for doing such a nice job day after day after day!

Door and window frames are being installed at the ballroom.

Here's exciting news about our messy dirty pigeons!  Our crews are installing bird spikes in all the roosting places where the pigeons used to roam.

LOTS of spikes to deter the feathered rats as we call them.

Thank you for this investment in pigeon prevention.
I'm an avid bird watcher and love the birds......but the pigeons are soooo dirty.  Yuck.

The expanded bistro will be a wonderful addition.  
Thank you to Robin and her kitchen staff for all the goodies they prepare for us!
They'll have an even bigger job with this expansion.


Mouse Tails:

Mouse tail:  perfect name for this photo.

I have the window open but have to close the blinds while I work at the computer.  Mouse likes the open window so doesn't let the blinds deter him.

Have a great day!!!!

Have I ever mentioned how lucky I feel to be living this life at Palm Creek???

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