Saturday, September 23, 2017

New Restaurants

McDonalds isn't exactly what we'd call "new" but their new building on Florence Ave. is now open.  Don and I decided to stop in and give it a try.  

Yeow!  It was PACKED with people and Kids galore.  I'm guessing the crowds were just because it is a new opening....not that the food has changed at all.  There's a huge Ronald McDonald on the roof.

Perhaps the big draw is the in-house playground for the kids.  As busy and crowded as the place was, I must say that our ordering and food delivery was fast.  We were in and out of there in about 20 minutes.  (thank goodness)

A fun place to go is the new Anayas.  It was open at the end of last season so its not entirely "new" but it's a fun destination if you like Mexican food.

Booths, tables, chairs, are all VERY colorful.  Fun decor.

I snapped some photos of the menu for you.  Click on a photo and then enlarge it with your mouse scroll wheel or by using the control key and the plus key at the same time.


Mouse Tails:

Wonder how much longer Mouse will be able to escape from under the doors in our park model.

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  1. Seriously?! Ouch! Does he not have bones in his head? Notice his tail is the last to escape


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