Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kittens and Cats

Setting out a trap for feral cats is quite common here or the critters would soon be way over populated.  This week's catch though was quite remarkable and newsworthy.

SEVEN little kittens all wandered into the trap at once!  I guess they wanted to stay together.

All trapped cats and kittens are quickly taken to the Valley Humane Society 
15699 W Aniceto Rd, Casa Grande, AZ 85193

Here is a link to their website:

The no-kill shelter is run entirely on donations and had a bad incident this past month when they encountered some big electrical problem that left the kennels without air conditioning.  They're temporarily back up and running but need help to pay the bills.  Visit their website and click on a link where you can donate to the cause.  Mouse and his friends will certainly appreciate your help.  


Time to reseed the golf course and get it ready for your return.  Achoo!

It's a messy dusty job but must be done each year.

Footings are now poured at the sewing room.

Big crew working over there today.


I like to show the desert wildlife photos as they become available.
Found this black widow spider (eewwww) at a house we were inspecting.  Luckily, it was outside!  
No.....I did not take it to the shelter.

Mouse Tails:

Don just wandered through the kitchen and snapped a quick candid photo so I'll use this as my Mouse Tails for the day.

It's nice when he lays here to keep me company but usually he gets curious and walks across the keyboard a few times before he settles down.

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