Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Typical Day

Another gorgeous morning in the mid 60s making it ideal for that morning cup of coffee out on the patio.  What a treat!!

Later we hopped in the cart for a typical trip around the park to see what's happening.  There's a few more trees to trim on the golf course before the front nine gets reseeded.

Glass is being installed in the windows of the pro shop.  

They're digging and digging and digging out in the north 40.  New mounds of dirt appear daily as they dig trenches for the next kind of pipe.

I sent Don out for some closer pictures.  

The mailroom is about done so the staff will be moving back into their new quarters.  They did a great job or handling the transition while the remodeling was being done.

I think MaryAnn will be glad to have the Activities office back again.......or she'll miss having their friendly company.  

Don took Maverick out for a spin yesterday.  Just a quick tour around the resort.  The video looks a tad faded out as he didn't use the sun filter but you might enjoy it anyway.

We'll take some snapshots from this video showing the empty RV sites and brown scalped grass and then send it up again in February when everything is full and green.  Should make good side by side comparison!

YouTube link:  Palm Creek



Mouse is gaining a fan club among our residents.  A couple stopped over yesterday (Brad and Deb) just to introduce themselves and let us know how much they enjoyed the blog and the stories about Mouse.  

We're still laughing over the totally unused $30 luxurious bed we bought for Mouse as he strongly prefers the hard floor and this old Sam's Club box.  

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