Monday, September 18, 2017

Marion is back

We had a Monday morning coffee and doughnuts today.

It was good to see our Events Director, Marion Nelson, back on duty!  I neglected to get a photo of her this morning so scanned back in my computer to get a past picture.

Marion gave us a brief update on events being affected by construction for the beginning of this season.  Planning ahead as always, Marion and MaryAnn were careful last year to not schedule any NPA events until January.  Hopefully, our new ballroom expansion will be completed by then.

Right now the only room available for events is the SanTan room.  The Adobe room is packed full of kitchen supplies, equipment, and machines.  The other rooms are being used by the contractors.  To help us out as our residents arrive, the park will be renting a couple pods to store all the equipment so the Adobe room will soon be available for our use.  That's kind of management because it will take a lot of muscle power to move all that stuff again.

The first bingo game is tentatively scheduled for November 6 in the Santan room.  Poker and cards should be back in the Adobe room by then.

I took a couple photos of our Maverick in action when we did the videos I posted yesterday.

Still amazes me to watch the thing hover so steady while it records.

Grabbed a couple quick pictures inside the pro shop but you can't really see much other than wood and 2x4s.

Stopped by MaryAnn and Ed Brown's place this morning to commiserate with them regarding the muddy mess from the water main break.

MaryAnn planted a pretty flower in the street to cheer us up.  LOL

Hey!!  We met Jerry this morning who operates a handyman service here in Casa Grande.  He is currently helping with some projects in the mailroom and at a couple sites within the park.  His service is exactly what we need around here so write down his number.


Tell him Don and Sue sent you from the blog.  We told him we'd provide free advertising.


Mouse Tails:

Don says its hard to concentrate on his Flight Sim project when Mouse wants attention.
How could you concentrate on something when that cute little face is staring up at you?

He often times lays behind that control panel to keep Don company.

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