Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cool Weather!!!

Our BIG news is that we're having a wonderful break from the triple digits!   It was a wonderfully cool 70 degrees when we started our rounds this morning.  Awesome!  We even had our coffee outside on the patio for a change.

Look at this gorgeous weather report.  I don't remember the last time we had such a nice forecast in September.  Usually, we have to wait until we turn the page to October.

Grass is coming up and turning green where reseeding is already done.

The storage pods Marion told us about have been delivered.  Now comes the hard part of moving all the equipment out of the Adobe room so we can start using that room soon.

Pro Shop is moving along nicely.

Doors and window frames are being installed.


We receive a number of emails thanking us for the blog and the news around our lovely resort but this one from Gwen and Wayne Black really struck home.  Thought I would share it with all the readers and some of the many friends the Black's made while they resided here.  Words like these certainly keep us motivated.

Hello, Sue, Don and Mouse

It's been awhile since I've written,  but I'm not going to send a picture of the brief snowfall that blanketed Edmonton for a short while today.    It was only one degree Celsius when we woke up this morning,  which would be about 33 in your lingo.   We've been having a lovely late summer and fall and it will warm up again by the weekend.   Well maybe in the 50-60 range if we're lucky.   The colors have been wonderful and will continue for a bit before all the leaves fly away along with the birds.

Hard to put into words how much your blog means to us.   Just because we sold our place, doesn't cut the ties that have been a big part of our life for so many years.    I'm not sure how we would manage without our 'fix' from you that lets us remember all the wonderful times we had with so many people,  activities that filled our winters and kept us fit and healthy.   That we were happy goes without saying.

So thank you both again,  for letting us stay connected with all of you in Palm Creek.     You really do a wonderful thing for everyone who has ever had the good fortune to be part of the magic down there,  Don and Sue.   Keeping up makes us feel we still have a little part in the big picture of that beautiful resort community.

Gwen and Wayne Black


Mouse Tails:

One minute he was romping about playing with that toy and the next moment he had an apparent Nap Attack.  At least he wasn't up here on my desk chewing on my computer for a change.

Just like a toddler......they're really cute when they're asleep.  

Whoops......even before I could get these pictures posted, he woke and is back in his normal spot while I work.

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