Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Another Post

Hello Readers,

Nothing really exciting to see here today but want you to know we're watching the activity for you.  The north 40 is really busy but all I could show you is more piles of dirt as they dig to put in all the different kinds of pipes for that complex.

Lots of activity at the ballroom.  Hammers and saws can be heard all day long.  I do like the smell of fresh lumber being cut.  It always promises good things to come.

The anchors under the sewing room are all installed and leveled.

Almost ready to pour footings and floor at the pro shop.

The expanded Bistro will be great fun.


Mouse Tails:

Just another day for the Mouse.  I love it when he curls up here on my desk while I work.  Always makes my heart go "awwwwww".  

I can tell when I've been working too long though as he falls asleep.  He sure is growing fast, isn't he?


Received this in my email today.  Oh so true!!!

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