Thursday, September 07, 2017

Construction Update

Wow.  We're into September already.  All crews and contractors are working hard and fast to get ready for your return.  I'm attaching a lot of pictures and try to get close ups of the hard working people.  It's hard to remember that it is between 105 and 110 EVERY DAY while these people are out in the full sun at their jobs.  If things aren't perfect when you return, I sure hope you will understand how hard they are trying to complete their projects.

Saw the landscapers skinning the grass in preparation for reseeding.

Chris from our maintenance crew is out painting some stop sign posts.

Heavy work in the hot sun.
The ballroom is moving fast now that all the underground stuff is done.

Working with these metal beams wouldn't be much fun in this baking HOT heat.

Tried to get a picture inside the old pro shop but not much to see in there yet.

Prepping to pour the floor in the new pro shop.


"Mouse Tails"

Mouse has a new expensive bed.  He tried it out the first day.

But he seems to be just as comfortable in the bathtub....

or the laundry basket.



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