Friday, June 09, 2017

Construction Videos

We took the drone over to the ballroom this morning.

Looks like the next step is to release another walk way from the building.

They've dug the holes for the footings at the proshop.  

I can't imagine the strength it takes to hold on to this machine while it hammers down on the soil.  You'd think it would jar one's teeth loose.  Watch this short little video of it in action.

We took a look at the work on the north 40.  They're still leveling down the dirt throughout the area.  That "dirt moving" machine is watch.  The water trucks are doing an excellent job of keeping down the dust of the dry soil.


My dear friend, Shirley Beck, really wants to wear her swimming suit and bask in some warm sunshine..............but she is way up north in Canada somewhere and the weather is not cooperating.  Hang in there Shirley!

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