Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hard Hat Tour

Fernando and crew were in the trenches again to assist with putting in water lines by the ballroom.

I loved the hard hat on top of the sombrero.

Dang!  I didn't get a picture of ME wearing my hard hat when Art McCoy took me inside the ballroom for some pictures.  Missed that great photo opportunity!

They're getting ready to install a HUGE steel beam that will reach across the ceiling where the movable wall will be.

Step one is to drill holes for the footings.  If I could hear correctly over the noise of the jackhammer, I believe he said this hole would e 6' by 4' and at least 4' deep for the concrete footings to support that beam.

Play this short video.  Yes....it was noisy in there.

Tile floors from the bathrooms have been chopped up and will be removed today.

Here is inside the Sonora South room where the contractors have their office and work space.

Here's the blue print for our ballroom.  You'll have to zoom in on your computer to get to the details.

The main entrance to the ballroom will be facing the current parking lot.  You can see the pottery room over there at the right.  The structure at the far left is where the kitchen will be. 

The pro shop will have a nice drive up area to drop off your clubs.

Say hello to part of our maintenance team.

Jaime and Louis

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