Friday, June 02, 2017

Construction Update

Palm Tree Debris
Crews are still working at trimming our 2000+ palm trees.  Since all the debris must now be hauled to the city landfill, they have wisely chosen to let a few days of branches sit idle in the parking lot by the maintenance station.  A few days in our Arizona sunshine will dry them out so we won't be charged for burying so much heavy water.  As the branches dry out, they lose water weight.  We pay by the pound for disposal at the landfill.  


Fernando was on the back hoe again to knock out the wall of the bistro patio to get ready for the expansion.  Tough wall!!  It was built to endure.

Paparazzi at work.


We found Juan in the ballroom.  He says they're going to start to cut out the ceiling.  I don't know what that means exactly but we'll go back later to see what's happening.

About an hour later, we came past the Bistro area again.  Faustino had just dug up a ball of tree roots.

Most of the wall is down.  The rest has to be sawed through.


All debris has been cleared from the north 40 and leveling has begun.

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  1. Marion Potter12:59 PM

    Really enjoy seeing the pictures while I'm home in Kansas. I like the drone videos too.


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