Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Update

We awakened to an absolutely beautiful morning with a cool 69 degrees and enjoyed TWO great cups of coffee out on the patio before we started our day.  Awesome!

First stop was to take some trash to the dumpsters where the pile of trimmed palm branches has grown considerably.  They're here for a few days to dry out so they won't be so expensive to haul to the landfill where we pay by the pound to drop a truckload.

Getting a picture of a roadrunner isn't easy, but we always try because its a joy to see them.

There's lots of activity at the North 40 this morning.  Granite Street really looks different with the oleanders and the berm all gone.

Still lots of leveling to do.

Our drone's name is now "DJ".  DJ went up for an aerial view this morning.  If you see the surveying stakes with big mounds of dirt around them, that shows how high the dirt used to be before the leveling started.  Those machines have really moved a LOT of dirt.

They're primarily working at the north end of the field.  As soon as it gets leveled, a different contractor will come to dig all the trenches for the home and RV sites at that end while the first crew levels off the second half of the field.  That will expedite the process of leveling and putting in 240 new sites.


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  1. Thanks, Sue, for all the updates. Do you know if they are planning for a sidewide along Granite since they've leveled everything anyway? It sure would be nice for those of us who walk around the park often.


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