Thursday, June 15, 2017

Desert Surprise

Another surprise from a desert plant!  Look at the cute blossom sent up by this tiny tiny cactus.  Awesome!

Even though they're quite numerous and sometimes annoying, its still fun to see a young baby guarded by Mom. Even when we approached in our golf cart, she stood steadfast to protect her babe.

Yikes!!!  Look at the forecast for the coming week.  The month of June so far has been a wonderful gift as it cooled down every night but it looks like that's about to end.  They're actually predicting 120 on Tuesday which will be another record breaker.  

We take casual photos of different sites as we make our rounds.  This one just seemed to turn out lovely so thought I'd share it.  We live in such a pretty place.

Here's an update from our DJ drone overlooking the proshop and ballroom area.  Enjoy the ride!!


Redneck Mini Blinds.  Just tear off and throw away.

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