Monday, June 26, 2017

Hot week

Yes, we're definitely in the throes of summer with routine triple digits.  I'm receiving daily emails from you readers who are in cooler climates who now brag about your weather.  I guess that's payback for all the times I brag about our paradise.  LOL

With the hot temps, we do have pure blue sky with NO clouds to block the sun.  Yesterday though we saw a few clouds on the horizon.  Maybe that means we'll soon see some monsoon activity??  Suzette Taylor was so excited to see a cloud for a change that she sent a picture for you.  Thank you, Suzette.

Ground leveling has definitely moved to the south end of the "north 40".  Today's challenge is the big berm that was built up along this edge.  

Two earth movers, a big grader, and two water trucks are on the job.

Awesome to sit and watch.

Wow.  They took out all the sidewalk and another big chunk of the parking lot in preparation for the ballroom expansion.


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  1. John Ericksen5:25 PM

    In response to your fine weather reports I offer the following: Our thermostat here in Wisconsin, set at 72 degrees from tne winter 60, set our furnace in action three or four times the last two days. Maybe we won't have to use AC at all this "summer?"


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