Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I guess the big news from here is our heatwave and beginning of monsoon season.  

All work crews begin their day around 5:00 a.m. at the first sign of daylight.  Can you blame them?  The afternoon sun and heat is quite intense.

We have to take "DJ" (drone) out in the early morning as well because all the warning labels and instructions broadcast that the machine won't fly in temperatures over 104.  The airlines even had to cancel over 40 flights for today due to excessive heat.  

We just did a short flight over the north 40 this morning.  You can see the beginning of the roads now as they're etching them into the dirt.  Don does all the video editing as you may have guessed.

I think the big earth movers will start to focus on the south end of the area soon.  They really have their work cut out for them here because of all the BIG mounds and berms.  We tried to get a "before" picture for you.

Lots of activity up by the pro shop too.

The concrete footings are poured for the new pro shop.

Monday morning was coffee and donuts time and today is Tapas Tuesday (happy hour) where folks gather for some social time.  I wasn't there for photos, however, as I'd rather stay home with our new kitten.  LOL  She is soooo entertaining. 

Quite a few readers submitted names for kitty.....thank you.  Because of the white paws, most suggested Boots, Mittens, or Socks.  We chose "Shadow" however as she absolutely IS Don's shadow.  She follows him all around the house and has obviously adopted him as her protector.  

Afternoons are siesta time for both of them.  I think Don is a little offended, however, in that she always picks the "shelf" provided by his tummy.  LOL


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