Wednesday, May 11, 2016

This and That

I'm certain I'll stop bragging soon but right now, our weather has been just beautiful.  It's been too nice to sit inside so I even lugged my laptop and coffee out to the patio for posting and house watch reports.  Love this time of year!

We took this photo from the porch at #36 this morning.  You can tell from all the contrails in the sky that it's not very windy today.  Where are all those people going?

My next thought was.............wouldn't it be something if our early pioneers could see this beautiful crop field?  Agriculture has certainly made great strides to keep us fed.  This makes a nice picture with the tops of the oleanders on the far side of the wall.  (Thank you to Ken and Karen Wersch for sharing their view this morning.)

We were checking the landscaping at Site 1727 this morning and laughed when we saw the two golf balls that had landed in this bush just off the number 10 tee box.  If the guilty golfer did manage to find the balls, I bet he opted to leave them there rather than risk reaching into the thorns to retrieve the balls.  

Here's a good idea for those who leave their refrigerator turned on.    I always open the door to make sure the inside is cool and still operating but having a nice thermometer like this inside makes good sense.

Stopped to chat with Ricki and Myron Persing this morning.  It's nice that more and more residents are either staying longer or making Palm Creek their true "home".  

Aha.............we found the new location for the park model that was moved off the Street of Dreams.  It found a new home at 717.

While driving down Cole Circle, we spotted this "carrot?" growing in a palm tree.  What???

Had to stop for a closer look.

Orange seed pods.  Normally they're just brown and blend in with the plant but these just stand out and look like carrots.  Mother Nature is never boring.

Look at this beautiful corner by site 1233.  The palm tree is heavily loaded with its blossoms.  Sorta hangs down and reminds me of spanish moss.

What a bountiful harvest!

More new homes are popping up in Phase 3 by the pickleball courts.  Wonder how many there will be by the time you readers return this fall.

Now I'm back inside at my desk to finish this entry.  The hummers and finches are very distracting as we always have a lot of activity just outside my window.

The hummers are lined up waiting to get at the feeder once the finch gets away.  

Sometimes they gang up on the finch to drive him away or else they just patiently wait.

Enough chatter for one day!  Enjoy every moment!