Thursday, May 19, 2016

Announcements, Quail, Cactus Flower, New People

I had the opportunity to congratulate Lisa Harold on her recent promotion to Western Regional Vice President.  She assures me that Palm Creek will remain a high priority as she searches for a replacement as General Manager.  Our resort will remain in her territory so she will still be involved with major decisions here and will keep a watchful eye on our well being.  Be sure to read her letter in the next post.  Lisa has certainly done a wonderful job for us since she came on board two years ago.


Don and I spotted mama quail with a whole brood of tiny tiny babies.  She crossed the road in front of us and then hid the kids along this wall by the golf course.  It was awesome to see!  The chicks were still fuzzy so were definitely just newborns.  

They were so small and well camouflaged that they were almost invisible until I enlarged the photo so much that it became blurry.

Check out this short video so you can see them in motion.

Just when you think you've seen every cactus blossom in the resort, another one pops up to catch attention.  This one is really brushy with thorns near the top of each stalk.

These dainty small pink blossoms pop out along the row of thorns.

So delicate and colorful.  Can be seen at Site 1736 along Coyote Trail.  Anyone know the owner?  Send them this photo as they may have not seen the blossoms before. 

Next stop was up at the club house where we spied Bob Anderson at the pool table as usual.

I met some new folks in the library.  They're only here for two weeks or so to visit relatives in the area.  It was fun talking to them though as they are VERY impressed with Palm Creek.

Told Tom about our Crayons and Cocktails group as I'm sure he'd enjoy meeting others with this same past time.

I need to use my phone as a recording device and send myself notes cause my memory gets big blank spaces in it sometimes.  Sorry.........can't remember this nice lady's name.  Dang!  Hate it when that happens.  Anyway......they will be here at the BBQ next week so if you recognize them, be sure to say hello.

"The Mrs." is doing some very intricate needle work so I'm certain she would find close friends in the sewing group.

Use caution when driving around the resort for the next couple days as some of the streets will be cut open to install the new fiber optic cable for our Dish service.  That's exciting as we'll all benefit from faster internet.