Tuesday, May 24, 2016

News from morning rounds

Hello Everyone:
Say howdy to Max and Shirl at their pretty home on Granite Street.  We just met them this week while we were out on our rounds.

I thought it was interesting to see the prickly pear plants aftr they have flowered.  Look at the hundreds of little fingers that fall from the plant when blossoms are done.

The palm trees are just coming into blossom.

See our little hummingbird on the upper right branch?  That's where he parks so he can watch over our feeder and chase all the other hummers away.

Mama duck has about eight babies and delights all of us with their antics as they closely follow her lead.

Photo from Suzette Taylor

The fence guys are here again.  Looks like they're going to install TALL fencing around the swimming pool and pavillion area to try and contain the foul balls.

Now that's a drill bit!

There's a trench all the way across the golf course now in preparation for the fiber optic cable.

We spotted one lonely duckling crossing the road all by his lonesome.  Then he hopped into the creek and started eating so he must be okay on his own.