Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Golf, New Houses, Birds, Vacation Homes

Another beautiful morning!  Glorious 73 degrees, clear sky, no wind, --- perfect day for some golf.....and it's FREE!

It's strange to see Mary on the green instead of the tennis court.  

The only way a cactus flower can be prettier is if a bee happens by to pose....just like this one.  Thank goodness for digital photography though as I took about 10 shots to get one that wasn't blurry.

Renee Ferrell stopped by our house this morning to tell us about the acorn woodpeckers that hammer away at the windows on the sewing room every day.  We stopped by to take a look and sure enough.........there they were.  One flew away as we approached but this one was a real fighter.

You can see the damage they have done to the screen.
We watched the bird repeatedly fly into the windows as he battled the image he saw.  Hope I can catch them in action another day.

Maintenance is cutting a channel across Cole Circle.  I wonder if it's for the new optic fiber optic cable coming in.  Will try to get more info.

 Now for all the activity at the new houses in Phase 3.  These houses are numbered 2066 through 2061 along the street named Molten Rock Drive.

Across from them is another new one at 2088.

I never noticed how they make the expansion lines in a driveway.  

Mesa Awning is busy installing at the new houses.  
Yes, he is a professional body builder in his spare time.  :)

Here's a view down Jagged Stone Drive.

I understand that the city actually creates the names for the new streets since they have to coordinate them with all the maps & CPS info that gets created.  If I'm wrong about that, let me know.

Don and I talked about these houses this morning and visualize how fun it would be for an active couple to stay here.  The homes are lovely, all decorated and landscaped.  Their location is ideal for pickleball players and swimmers.  Plenty of entertainment for watching the ballgames too.  Plus the fact they're near the Sports Grill for breakfast and lunch.  

We just noticed that the rope is released from the new pool palm trees.  I was wondering what they would look like once the ropes were untied.

Very nice.  We certainly live in a beautiful resort!!  People keep asking us why we don't go away for a vacation.  We reply:  "We live in Disney Land.  Where would we want to go that we haven't already seen?"