Thursday, May 05, 2016

First Triple Digit Day

May 4 -- Our first triple digit temperature of the summer.  Whew!  Certainly got HOT in a hurry.  Today it is supposed to get quite windy and bring us cooler temps though.  Guess Mother Nature is going to break us in gently.

I'm hoping you share our sense of humor when you see the next two photos!

We spent two days at the Chandler hospital this week while Don was recovering from surgery to replace his pace maker.  I knew our close friends would be anxious to hear how he was doing so I told him to smile and I'd send his photo to reassure them.  Of course, with Don's sense of humor, this is the result I got.

He truly is doing just fine and today with only Advil to keep him comfortable, he is home and back to work.  We should make it to the Cinco de Mayo potluck on time with smiles.  Three cheers for modern medicine!

His nurses probably requested  early release.