Friday, May 13, 2016

Fun, Flowers, Work and Birds

Monday night Texas Hold'em Poker still have 28 players!  That's a lot for this time of year.  Folks seem to be staying longer to enjoy our beautiful spring weather.

Golfers have really enjoyed these 65-70 degree mornings of bright sunshine!  I don't know how much longer that will last, however, as we're predicted into the triple digits this week.  

The occasional cactus plant still puts on a display.

I never tire of looking at the blossoms even if I have to listen to Don groan about another flower picture.

This barrel cactus at 1052 is doing well also by adding color to the landscape.

We're back to "work" with our morning rounds.  It's a rare day when we don't find at least one irrigation line that needs attention.

I'm glad Don's knees are stronger than mine!

Here's a second one we found this morning.  Good thing Don keeps a supply kit in our golf cart.

Meanwhile, I am always watching for a bird picture.  Can always find one at Jim and Kathleen's place.


A blonde man shouts frantically into the phone, "My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!"
"Is this her first child?" asks the Doctor.
"No!" he shouts, "this is her husband!"