Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Coffee & Flowers

Another beauty showing off its best!  It's amazing how the cactus can plan to put out all these blossoms at the same time.  Laurie Dale found these beauties at Site 489 this morning.

Photo by Laurie Dale

Photo by Laurie Dale

I found these at 1128 at the home of Ed and MaryAnn Brown.  

Today was one of our summer events..........morning coffee and donuts!

We had a nice turn out.

Lisa Harold was there to mingle and say Good Morning.

Of course, MaryAnn was present to oversee the event.

The term "bird brain" isn't all bad.  These crazy finches have learned that if they land on the hummingbird feeder and get it swinging back and forth, they get treated to the sweet sugar water that splashes out.  They do this over and over during the day and even bring their young to teach them how too.

Watch this short video to see their tricks: