Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Summer Heat Arrives

Work continues in Building B.  Took these 3 photos yesterday as crews were still prepping this section of the room.
This is inside the small storage area at the back of the Adobe room.  It's a larger area than I thought it was.  Guess it looks smaller when its crammed full of "stuff".
While we were riding around this morning, we took a closer look at this new spec home on the north end.  I believe it will be site 1912 or 1913.  They're certainly doing some nice brick work on the patio facing the golf course.
Over on the south end, work is starting on the new pavilion area.
First they have to dig footings for the posts.
This dandy drilling machine makes short work of the job.  Can't imagine ever having to dig through that hard ground by hand.
Tractor Supply is coming along nicely.  I'm a light sleeper anyway so I just might go out here Thursday night during the wee hours to watch the excitement of them pouring 30 truckloads of cement.
I've had several residents write and ask me exactly where this building is located......so I moved my camera a bit.  Now you can see that it is directly behind the south laundry.
Ohhh.....looks like they're installing new lighting along the walkway across the golf course.  That will be soooooo nice.  I walk through there quite often at night coming back home from events at the clubhouse.  I try to remember to carry a flashlight because its dark through there.  The solar lights didn't work too well.  Now we'll be able to see which way the sprinklers are spraying so perhaps we can avoid them through there.  It's kind of fun to dodge them as they turn back and forth across the sidewalk.
Here's just a couple more pics of the crew working in BldgB.  Say Hello to Jaime up there on the big ladder.  Very nice young man.
And now for your favorite part of the blog, right??

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