Thursday, June 11, 2015

Breakfast Omelets

All new ceiling fans for Building B renovation!  They all come with "some assembly required."

Here are the two electricians who have been doing all the electrical work in Bldg B.  They will be experts by the time the job is done!  They were busy at work while we enjoyed our omelet breakfast this morning.

Brittany was at the door to greet us and collect tickets.  Don says he's going to adopt her.

We had about 30 residents there this morning.  If you didn't attend, you missed out on a delicious meal!!  It was catered by the young man that does the custom pizza parties for us during season.
The meal was GREAT.  Fresh hot omelets with your choice of ingredients and it was all you could eat so you could go back for seconds if you could eat that much.  It was very good! 
We just filled out this little list and turned in our order.


 Ranger Bob was there to make sure we didn't run out of fresh hot coffee.  Thanks, Bob.

MaryAnn Brown has been doing a great job for us this summer.  In addition to all the activities, she has also been keeping up the Palm Creek Facebook page.  I copied a couple of her photos to post here.
Doves can be very persistent when it comes to prime location for building a nest.  We try to get creative with gadgets and gizmos to discourage a nest but the dove's determination sometimes gets the better hand.  Sue Neuman can attest to this as she finally gave up and let the nest on her patio continue.
The doves continually tried to build on the rail above her patio.  She discarded twigs and sticks on a daily basis.  The next stage was to put up the spikes which are supposed to be a sure deterrent.  That didn't work either as they built their nest right on top of the nasty spikes.
Next Sue bought colored streamers to hang in the way....but the clever birds managed to twist the streamers and weave them right into a very colorful nest.  Congratulations Sue on having the most colorful nest in the neighborhood.

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