Monday, June 22, 2015


  We had a great night at bingo last week.  My cell phone had gone dead so MaryAnn took some photos for me.  We're still surprised at the large number of residents who show up at the events.  These are big crowds for our summer months.

Dabbers up!!

Yup....that's me at the caller's desk.  G55 is still my magical number.

Trimming the palms is still a daily occurrence.

Lillie Corbitt sent me this photo showing three climbers way up top with chainsaws in hand.  I wonder how you train for this kind of job.  If those trees get any taller, they'll start wearing parachutes
I got a charge out of this plastic owl mounted to scare away the doves.  I don't think it works as now it appears that the owl is guarding the dove nest for her.
Here's a nice photo of our hot broiling sun as it slinks down below the horizon.  I'm surprised it didn't melt Suzette's camera when she took this photo.

I copied this sad news from Audrey Combs' facebook page.
Audrey resides at Site 1902 if you want to send a card.


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  1. Joseph Martin9:48 AM

    We send our condolences to Audrey and wish this word will ease her grief. As you know we are in Spain and learned of the bad news from this Palm Creek blogger. Our sympathy to the family as well. Joseph and Carmen Martin.


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