Friday, June 26, 2015

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is EXCITING!!!!!!

OMG!!!  We received a fantastic news flash today!  It is posted on facebook plus it appeared in an email blast.  Here it is in case you haven't read it yet:

Dear Residents,
It is with great pleasure that I announce many important new improvements coming to the Phase 3A area of the resort over the summer. We have the privilege of being awarded additional capital improvement funds in conjunction with the expansion of Phase 3A of the resort. This will allow us to finish electrical upgrades to the Phase 3A and create new sites for vacation rentals and home sales.
We are very pleased to integrate the following new facilities into ...the resort:

 -8 additional pickleball courts

 -A sports and activity pool complete with partial sun shades, hot tub and patio lounge area

 - A permanent restroom facility featuring showers 

 -A large softball warmup area

 -12 short-term RV sites located next to the pickleball courts

 -Additional permanent golf cart and vehicle parking
I look forward to keeping all of you current on our progress. Be sure to follow us on Facebook as we are regularly posting photos of current project progress. We will also include updates and information in our newsletters. I want to thank Sun Communities for their generous investment in our community and I look forward to updating you all on our wonderful new facilities.
-Lisa Harold, General Manager

Here is a letter that went out to the Pickleball Club Members.:
Announcement from the Palm Creek Pickleball Club
I am happy to announce that this afternoon, Lisa Harold, General Manager of Sun Communities Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort, notified me that a 2.5 million dollar expansion project is scheduled to begin in the coming days. This expansion includes the construction of eight lighted Pickleball courts and restroom facilities to the north of our existing facility. Her letter and Phase 3A improvement plan outlines the planned additions and improvements, many of which greatly benefit the sports complex.
Here is a link that will take you to the formal announcement and a detailed map showing all of the items included in this expansion:
I am sure that all of you will be very pleased by this announcement. Many long hours and months of planning have gone into the creation of these improvements. Lisa has been the champion of this project from the beginning. She values our Club and the benefit it has brought to the residents of Palm Creek. We owe her and her boss, Lori Rumer, our gratitude and a big "thank you". These new courts will help us assure that our Pickleball facility keeps pace with our Club's incredible growth.
Work is already beginning!  Here are some photos we took this morning.  Don and I found a shady spot to park our golf cart and then sat and watched for an hour or more.  I love watching the big Tonka trucks plow away the earth. 

We also enjoyed a nice potluck dinner this afternoon.  We certainly have some great cooks and chefs among us!
MaryAnn is in charge of the Palm Creek Facebook page (at least for the summer) so we're used to seeing her behind a camera these days.


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