Saturday, June 06, 2015

Strange Weather

Yesterday was an exciting day here.  We had our free coffee and donut session in the morning with 60+ people present. 
Thank you to MaryAnn and crew for your hospitality.  It was a great opportunity to chat with friends and meet new people we hadn't previously encountered.

MaryAnn Brown, Lisa Harold, Veronica Unger


Loretta Spanton pieced together some nice centerpieces for each table.
Congratulations to Kelly and Mary Kearns on their 61st wedding anniversary.  Say hello to the happy couple.
The ballroom has become the temporary storage room while Building B is being renovated.  Look at all the new ceiling fans that are being assembled.
It's always interesting to take a CLOSE look at the different vegetation that grows in Arizona.  This palm in the center courtyard has really grown this season and is now in full bloom.
It certainly has plentiful seeds.
These plants in front of the sales office are beautiful and their yield is abundant.
On the way back from the coffee event, we had to stop our car due to traffic.
He took his good natured time strolling across the street.
We have had rain for the last three days in a row!  That's highly unusual for us in the month of July.  We even have some puddles in the streets.
This photo from Suzette Taylor
I checked weather statistics via the internet to see how unusual it is for us to have rain in the month of June.   Yup.  It's rare.
Yesterday's rain carried a punch with occasional local lightning.  The palm tree between sites 1085 and 1086 on Putter Place received a direct hit.  BANG!!  The neighbors said it rattled the windows and scared the bajeebers out of them.  ( spellcheck doesn't recognize bajeebers.)
Our friends from the fire department were called to extinguish the blaze to be sure it didn't cause any damage elsewhere.  No houses, people, or property were harmed.....but the tree's survival is questionable.
Don and I checked out the aftermath this morning and chatted with Louise Scherch who lives at 1086. 
All that rain brought us a beautiful sunrise this morning.
Photo by Suzette Taylor
That's all the news for today.  Must run off to the card room now. See ya.

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