Thursday, June 25, 2015

Something BIG is about to happen

Something BIG is about to happen around here.  All the tell tale signs of big construction are appearing in force but the whole staff is tight lipped and secretive.  I've begged for information but even my best sources say their lips are sealed.  Acckkkkk..........I hate suspense! 
Here's my evidence thus far.
The north gate is open for truck traffic....and that ONLY happens for construction during the summer months.
(Nice crop growing across the street.)
They've erected a big water tank near the north gate and there were two water trucks loading up this morning.
Look at the big graders and tractors that have been brought in.
The intersection on Cole Circle near the big agility park is fenced off.
Maybe they're just adding a couple more streets.  We can see the survey flags all staked out.
Here they're moving dirt to extend the berm along Granite Drive.  I imagine they'll be planting more oleanders along there like they did at the north end of the street.

I DO know that more homes are being constructed throughout the park and there is a desperate need for more rental units.  I stopped taking photos of the new houses as they come in because it just seems like old news.
Stay tuned to the blog though as I'll get somebody to talk pretty soon.  They're obviously waiting for something....either a final approval....or waiting for corporate to make a big news flash.  I feel like a paparazzi already....searching for photos and news tidbits.
At least the weatherman is reliable.  I've started taking photos of the weather report off the television.  The high def photos turn out nicely.
We're finally cooling down a bit as we've been over 110 for a while.  Whew!
As of June 15, we are officially in the monsoon season.  We're being cautioned about potential dust storms and haboobs.

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