Sunday, June 28, 2015

First Strong Haboob of the Monsoon Season

We had a pretty strong dust storm last night (called a haboob) so I'm posting to let folks know that all is fine here.  Lots of wind and dust........not a drop of rain.  Wind lasted about a half hour.  Here's a couple photos from my kitchen window.  It was bright and sunny a few minutes prior to this photo.


Our cell phones kept ringing for a dust storm alert and radar showed a huge cloud of dust (the green color).

I copied this photo from Avis Gray's Facebook page.  Great Shot!  This gives you a better idea of how much dust is in the air.

Only sign of damage is a downed stop sign and the usual occasional loose skirting......but we had some pretty strong winds. 

Our weather station showed peak gusts of 32 miles per hour so obviously Phoenix was hit stronger than we were.  I took some photos from the 10:00 weather report.

Don and I drove all around the park this morning looking for any damage.  Only things we found were very minor.  Other than a few loose window screens, tipped over BBQs, and loose skirting in a few places, the only true damage was to 5th wheel, car, and cart covers.  They really need to be tied and secure.  Once the wind gets under them, its all over.


Crews aren't working on a Sunday but the big trucks certainly got a lot done in one day!  We can now see where the new streets will enter onto Granite.

Will probably write more tomorrow.........but right now I have some cleaning up to do.

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