Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monsoon Season

We are definitely in the throes of monsoon season.  Our sky can turn from brilliant blue to big rolling clouds very rapidly.  We still haven't had any rain but we get plenty of rolling thunder and crashes of lightning.  It's quite exciting to watch.  Tonight it was just steady rumble rumble rumble.

Our daily sunrise and sunset is beautiful though. 
It's still hot.  107 again today.  All of us desert rats get up at the crack of dawn to enjoy the coolest part of the day.  That's 5:00 a.m.  That's when you see everyone out walking the dog, riding bike, or like us....just having coffee on the patio watching the hummingbirds at a nice cool 85 degrees.

Progress on Building B is coming along nicely.  They installed new counter tops on the cupboards.  Avis was anxious to see what they looked like so tried to clear a spot of dust.  She just can't help but pick up a dust rag wherever she goes.

Here's the old counter and sink.  You can only imagine how dirty and dusty everything is in here. 

Now they're sawing and mitering all the finishing wood pieces so we add saw dust to our desert dust.

Dora and crew have cleaned up the old storage room and moved in some tables so we can still have a place for afternoon cards.  You get a dozen or more women in this little room with all the hoopla of cards and mahjong and you can imagine how noisy it is in there.  I think the contractors get a charge out of us.

We saw new heavy equipment waiting to crank up today.  The big shovels are here now which means they'll be starting to dig the trenches for sewer lines.  Sewer lines come first.  When those are installed and buried, they dig for electrical and water.  LOTS of work ahead to get all the new houses ready by fall.

I see they've piled a lot of dirt along this new street.  I'm guessing there will be a line of oleanders across the top of the new berm.

Uh Oh...........we had to stop and wait for the traffic to clear before we could continue our tour.

You just have to love watching the quail run around with their little bobbers on top of their heads.

 I made Don stop a little longer at the stop sign here so I could get a good picture of the new lighting that crosses the golf course.  Very nice!!

This scene looks nice and serene.  The lone duck out on the pond just added to the beauty.

The July Happenings newsletter s published so go to the Palm Creek website or Facebook page.  It contains more photos of our summer fun.
This one may bring a little tear to your eyes.
Only a
golfer would understand this story of a GOLFER AT THE DENTIST.

A man and
his wife walked into a dentist's office. The man said to the dentist, "Doc, I'm in one heck of a hurry.   I have two buddies sitting out in my car waiting for us to go play golf, so forget about the anesthetic, I don't have time for the gums to get numb. I just
want you to
pull the tooth, and be done with it! We have a
10:00 AM tee time at the best golf course in town and it's 9:30 already... I don't have time to wait for the anesthetic to work!'

The dentist
thought to himself, "My goodness, this is surely a very brave man asking to have his tooth pulled without using anything to kill the pain." So the dentist asks him, "Which tooth is it, sir?"
The man turned to his wife and said, "Open your mouth, Honey, and show him.

I can never resist sharing some bird pictures.  A friend sent me these from the internet.
And then there's this father son photo.

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