Thursday, September 04, 2014

Sewing Room plus More

Work continues on the ballroom floor.

Awww.....while walking around the building, I spied a little lizard baked in the sun.  Poor guy.

Natalie, Loralee, and Bonnie were keeping cool in the Santan Room with a fun game of Mahjong.
Across the street, the sales team is taking their turn at packing.  They have to clear out their offices next to make room for painting and new carpeting.  Nancy Paupst looked overwhelmed at cleaning out her desk.  She says, "Where did all this STUFF come from?"
We laughed at the silly gizmos that seem to accumulate.  Anyone need a pen that has a battery operated fan on the end of it?  I guess it's for people who write fast and their pen gets hot??  :)
Brittany Ellison handles park model rentals.  Her new office will be located behind the front desk area.  She's currently working out of a box like many others who are moving during remodeling.
The new library/computer lab is coming along nicely. 
Larry and Bob are certainly glad to have their pool room back.  They like the new flooring as it keeps the tables level rather than resting on carpet.
Victoria Unger is at her new station behind the front desk.  She says she's excited about working at Palm Creek and looks forward to the upcoming season.
It's been a long time since we visited the big sewing room.  When she's not busy in the pottery room, Suzette Taylor spends HOURS at creating this new quilt.
Pat Mitchell made the mistake of threatening me if I posted her here ya go Pat!  LOL
Gladys Debonville is dedicating many hours to this work of art.
Wow.   Look at this beauty.  I believe it belongs to Mona Conkle.
Bev Sparks is new to the park but is very happy to have found new friends in the sewing room.
There are always interesting sites outdoors too.  I should have added this photo at the top of the Labor Day posting.  I like to watch Old Glory up high by the palm trees.
The little tree lizards of Arizona are always a favorite.  They're so cute to watch out in the flower beds and they really are beneficial for eating so any pesty insects.  This little guy must have just been an egg recently.  He's soooo tiny.
He's already lost part of his tail but never fear as he'll soon grow it back again.
Another new home just arrived across from the south laundry.  It's probably site 750 or 751.

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