Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hurricane Odile was a dud

I'm guessing all our meteorologists are humbled by their missed predictions for the aftermath of Hurricane Odile.  We were predicted to get hit very hard by torrential rains in our area............but all we got was a light mist for about 10 minutes.  We were looking forward to some real rain...but at least we didn't get flooded like Phoenix did in the previous storm.  Guess we'd better not complain. 

Our landscape team is hard at work EVERY DAY to keep our park so pretty.  Today we spotted them out with leaf blowers cleaning between sites and along the canal.  Thanks guys!
Spotted a pretty red cactus in bloom at 1781.
Not much to write about today but wanted to let you know about the weather.  We're back to bright blue sunny sky.  No storms.

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