Friday, September 26, 2014

Potluck Dinner

We had another potluck dinner yesterday.  Quite a few people showed up so we had a nice crowd and LOTS of good food.  I'm slipping in my old age though as the camera never left my pocket.  Whoops. 

Look at this beautiful new concrete work at Site 1963.  Never saw anything like it before.  It's just awesome.

 As we were standing out front looking at the masterpiece, this gent stopped by with his concrete truck and asked us what we thought of the project.  He seemed very proud to be part of the installation.  Nice job!

We see another new home being installed along Diamond Lane by the south wall.
Our landscapers have reseeded Palm Park, the ballfield, and the big dog run. 
It will soon be a brilliant green color once again.

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