Monday, September 08, 2014

No flood here

If you're listening to the national weather report and are worried about flooding in the Phoenix area, you can relax about Casa Grande.  We are no where near flood levels...yet anyway.  We're enjoying a nice light rain and have had .6 of an inch so far.  Phoenix, on the other hand, is getting pasted.  Here's a flash flood warning copied from the Regional Fire & Rescue Dept:

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Monday September 8, 2014, 9:37 AM

Regional Fire & Rescue Department, Inc.

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Hi Sue Hepler,
There are several road closures in the Phoenix Valley, this is not a complete listing but for an example, the San Tan Freeway (202) from I-10 to the Loop 101 is CLOSED due to flooding. West Bound 202 is being diverted North on to the 101. I-10 has been shut down, active flooding from 43rd Avenue to 99th Avenue with several vehicles flooded and stranded in deep water. The Gila River Bridge crossing on I-10 was shut down for 30 minutes this morning due to high flood waters at the upper level of the bridge. Do NOT drive into flooded roadways.

The Pinal County area has already experienced a great deal of rain and saturated ground will not help things as more rain is expected in this event through the day and overnight. Locally heavy rain will cause localized flooding. Be cautious of low lying areas and roadways prior to entering in a vehicle. AVOID travel if possible. Travel to the Phoenix Metro area is not advised

It's hard to believe that the Gila River Bridge crossing was closed due to high flood water as we seldom ever see any water at all there.

Our landscape crews seem to be taking advantage of the nice cool 74 degree weather with a light rain to keep them cool while they work.  With the ground soft and pliable, they're out pulling any HUGE weeds that have grown up at individual sites.  I think its soooo nice that the park does this service for us while everyone is away.

It's unusual to see gray sky and cloud cover here.

Check out these two photos of the low lying clouds over the mountains.

All the work that has been done on our golf course has definitely paid off.  All that rain and there is only one area remaining that puddles up after a heavy rain. 


Imagine the surprise when I opened an email from Jeanette Girard a few minutes ago.  Here is what she awoke to this morning!  Anyone want to move to Alberta??  Not me!
I'll bet there are many Canadians ready to pack their suitcases!


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