Saturday, September 06, 2014

Quails and More

OH MY GOSH!!!  I'm sorry....but if you've been watching this blog for some time, you know I get all bubbly over a bird sighting....especially quails.  Can you imagine how excited I was when we looked out the kitchen window and saw this??!!!!!!  There are probably nose prints all over the inside window as I was glued there for the duration of their visit.  This little family of quails was right here at Site 1707!!!!  Awesome!
Their visit was a true  gift from Mother Nature.  Such a proud watchful Daddy.
Daddy plus two youngsters.
Mama kept an eye on the window to make sure the giddy lady behind the window was as harmless as she looked.
Clueless baby trying to look "chique".  (Pardon the pun.  LOL)
I have about 30 more photos but will refrain myself from posting more.  Just had to share the thrill with you.  (I am sooooooo thankful for a digital camera instead of expensive film!!)
I hope you'll take notice of all the landscaping around our park when you return.  Our crews work constantly to keep the place neat and trimmed.  It seems like just yesterday that we took photos of the crew planting these oleanders along the brim on Granite they already have them trimmed. 
Up at the admin building this contractor was working on the installation of the display cases that will appear at the front of the new library.  He tried not to laugh at me as I stood on the other side of the glass with camera in hand waving at him.
Brittany Ellison and Gary Lambert at work.
Mark Kenner (our golf pro) has returned from his summer vacation and finds himself evicted from his homey desk.  We laughed as he says he's ready to move back to his normal spot so he can find what he needs as he works.  He's experiencing what the other staffers have suffered through this summer while working out of assorted boxes.
Victoria is helping MaryAnn with the myriad of advance ticket sales.
Guest Services is open for business.  Barbie Rasmussen is assisting a customer.
That's the quick tour from yesterday. 

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