Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A toad, some owls, and some updates

Would burrowing owls take shelter under an RV?  Yes, they would and they do!  This is the second time we've disturbed a pair of owls as we approach a 5th wheel to inspect it.  They squawked at us and only flew a short distance away when we approached. 
I made Don get down to look underneath the rig and look for any kind of nest but he didn't see anything.  The owls probably just take shelter from the hot sunshine.  It's always fun to see them and get that close.
Look at this handsome fellow!  Kent and Lesley Evans found this guy over at the recycling center this morning.  He's a Sonoran Desert toad.  It's quite common to see them during the monsoon season and especially soon after the recent rains.
Eddie (from our maintenance dept) has a soft heart when it comes to any kind of animal or critter so he is going to take the lucky toad home with him to join the others that inhabit Eddie's yard.
The Sonoran toads are the largest toads in the United States.  I did some quick research this afternoon and found that they have a life expectancy between 10-20 years! 
Don't let your pets disturb these toads though as they emit a toxic substance that will definitely do harm to a dog or cat.  Eddie will give him a good home.
Don and I took a tour this morning to get some update photos for you.  They're not wasting time remodeling the sales office.  Everything is completely moved out and work is underway.  Of course, we just happened to catch the crew on a quick 10 minute break.
The ballroom is completely locked up while the floor is drying.  I tried to get a picture through the windows but without much luck.
I think they have to finish the ballroom before they can have access to the kitchen.
I see some of the shelving in the new freezer compartment.
Our new library and computer lab is a showcase!  Very nice!  Bonnie and Roger Koons have dedicated a lot of their time to getting the library back up.  Thank you!!
The new display cases at the front of the room look really nice.  This is a great place to display some items from each of the craft areas.
Computer access at the back of the room.
Still adding finishing touches to the bistro patio area too.
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