Monday, September 22, 2014

Quiet Weekend

Another photo of the never ending landscape work.

We met up with some of our maintenance crew this morning as we all stopped for a brief chat.  Eddie, Neil, and Luis.  Howdy guys! 

It's that time of year again when Maldonado and the other power wash vendors get busy with fall cleanup before your return.  If you plan on getting the house washed before your return, call your favorite vendor now to get on the schedule.

Look at this beautiful bush in front of John and Sharon Pilkington's place.  There doesn't seem to be room for another blossom as each branch is completely full.  Very very pretty!

Awwww...........we found this poor little hummingbird laying on the street in front of our house.  He was still alive, but not by much as he wouldn't even sit up or stir when we picked him up.

We held him to the feeder and he drank big gulps for a long time.

He recovered enough that at least he sat upright but still made no attempt to fly. 

We made him as comfortable as possible but ... alas, he did not survive the night.  So sad.

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