Thursday, June 05, 2014

Action Begins

Okay!  Now we have some action to report.  Approvals are here and projects can begin.   There will be some much needed major remodeling of storage and office space. 
If you've ever worked or assisted with any of our special events, you know how crowded and cramped they are for storage.  Most of the "stuff" was stored in the small area at the back of the Adobe room.  It's time to clean house.  Brandy Wood, our new Director of Activities & Events, is going through each and every box to inventory and label everything. 
Once everything is inventoried, it will be stored in this new room which was the Saguaro Room.  Shelves are ready and waiting.  Good luck with this project, may take a while.   :)
Work has already started at revising storage behind the stage in the ballroom.  The chapel group has their "stuff" stored in at least three different places.  These new cabinets are now installed on the wall behind the stage so all their supplies will be in one place.
In the small room beside the stage (stage left as the actors call it) is where all the speakers and stage equipment is stored.  Bingo now has nice new cabinets in there to keep their equipment.
The big truck out front shows a crew at work dismantling the pool tables in the billiards room.  That room will get a face lift with new paint and carpet.  One table will be moved and set up in the Santan Room for the summer so our summer residents still have a place to play during the transition.
It will be fun to see a "before" picture like this one.
And an "after" picture when the work is done.  Moving these tables is no small project!  The tables will also be blessed with new cloth playing surface.
Volunteers are boxing up all the books in the library.  The new remodeling plan calls for moving some walls and making some of the rooms bigger.  I'll have to wait to see some kind of a floor plan before I can give specifics.
There will also be some major change in the front reception area and the activities office.  More details will follow when I get some specifics.  It's pretty exciting and the staff is buzzing about the potential for more space.
Another plan in progress is much needed expansion for our kitchen.  The kitchen will be blessed with a large walk-in refrigerator and a walk-in freezer plus more storage area.  Some of the machines have been moved in the room next to the kitchen (where folding chairs were previously stored) but that's all we can see right now.
That's enough for a good start.  Stay tuned for further details.





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