Friday, May 30, 2014

Triple Digit are Here

Okay.  Triple digit temps have arrived.  We've had some cloud over the last few days which protected us from the sun's intense rays but the beautiful clear blue sky is back and that means no protection from the heat.  We actually had about 12 drops of rain yesterday.  We could actually see some spots on our cars but I think the "rain"
 evaporated before it made it all the way down as the streets never got wet.  It's been a LONG time since we've had precipitation.

Rain or no rain, heat or no heat, the owls are thriving.  Looks like our nest across the street from the front gate had four babies this year.  Sooooo cute.  Connie Morin forwarded these photos to me but I don't know who the photographer was to give credit.  I see the little feathered critters each time we leave the park but haven't stopped with my camera.
It may be warm outside but our avid pickle players just start playing earlier in the morning.  We stopped over to say hello this morning....just in time to see Ed Brown miss this easy shot.  Sorry Ed!!  :)

Avis Gray had the gang gather together for a group shot.  We want everyone to know how much those courts are loved and used.....all year round!!

 Finishing touches are being added to our wonderful bistro patio.  The final brick work is being added to all the columns.  Very nice!!

The ducks are flourishing too.  There are several different aged families in the park.

Golfers are out EVERY morning at the break of dawn. 

It's time for all the palm trees to get their annual trimming.  Our landscape crew never runs out of work to do.

Look how cute the trees look with their freshly shorn tops. 
The June newsletter just came out.  Looks like we continue to have numerous fun summer events coming up.  I already bought tickets for all the events so should have some fun photos from each day.
June 6 -- Prime Rib Dinner
June 9 -- Bingo
June 11-12 -- Overnight Bus Trip to Fort McDowell
June 15 -- Father's Day
June 24 -- Mexican Fiesta
July 4 -- Celebration
July 15 -- Coffee and Donuts
July 31 -- Coke Float Special


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  1. Excellent update....columns are going to look great! Loved owls and naked palm trees. Had no idea so many people stayed year round. I am jealous!

    Thanks Sue!


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