Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ice Cream Social plus more

Just when I think the cactus blossoms are done for the season, they continue to surprise us.  Look at this beauty!  (found at 1631 - Tevy & Alice Black)
We have several duck families around now.  They gather by the creek and ponds.  Always fun and entertaining to watch.
Those of you who keep asking about mama duck that lives on Oasis....she is still sitting there.  I don't know when she laid those eggs but I checked on the internet today and they say the incubation period runs from about 28-35 days.  Anyone know when she laid the last of those eggs?  There are only 3 eggs left.
I posted a picture of these yucca plants about a week ago.  They're in full bloom now and as they fill out, they obviously get weighed down.  Very strange fascinating plants.
We came across a killdeer nest in the gravel along the golf course.
Mama killdeer, of course, did her wounded bird act to try to lure us away so we didn't stay long.
Thank you to the Activities Dept. and the volunteers who served us delicious banana split sundaes on Friday!  From left to right:  Jeri Lahart, John Engel, Mary Ann Brown (Activities Director), Mark (Golf pro), Donna Cox, Ed Brown.
Yummy good!
Fun social time for us desert/dessert rats.  :)
Meanwhile, our landscape crews are diligently working to beautify the park.  Hand spraying weeds.
Constantly trimming the ever fast growing oleanders.
....and palms.
Afternoon temps have been 104 to 107 the last few days but thankfully still cooling to the low 70s by night making our evening visits to the swimming pool a true delight.  We can still enjoy that morning coffee on the patio too.  Life is good!
This is probably just blah news for now but that's all I have for you.  I stalk Mr. Dawson on a regular basis but he just replies that he's waiting for approvals before he can begin summer projects. 
(Thank you Nina Fields for forwarding the "dog days" of summer.


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