Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I was looking forward to our Mother's Day luncheon today so I cheerfully got up, showered, did my hair, put on a nice outfit with matching jewelry and made sure Don was dressed appropriately.  :)  About quarter to 11, I grabbed our tickets and we headed to the door looking forward to the event.  Then......I glanced at the tickets and realized that the event was over already as I had written the wrong time on the calendar.  DANG!!  I hate it when that stuff happens!  Oh well.......sorry I don't have any photos.  I'll bet it was very nice.    I'll call Mary Ann and get some "belated" photos for you.

Every morning as we sit on the patio with that first delicious cup of coffee, we wave at Kent and Lesley Evans as they drive by on their way to the recycle station.  Friday we followed them with camera in hand.  These two kind-hearted folks single handedly take care of all the recycle products during the hot summer months.  During season, there is a crew of "Urban Miners" who handle the load but the Evans' are here alone in summer.

Today we watched the cardboard project.

A reminder to all residents:  PLEASE take out all the styrofoam and plastic junk before you toss boxes into the container or truck.  The vendor who buys the cardboard can't have plastic or junk included in the load.  Kent and Lesley wind up sorting it instead.  

This crusher scrunches the boxes into bales.

 Money from the recycling program is donated to different charities in the community.

Oh yes....big news!  The famous donut maker....Krispy Kreme has opened a new store in Casa Grande!  They're located by the Subway and Verizon store out at the Promenade Mall.  Be prepared for some sweet treats when you return.  Lesley and I laughed when she found some Krispy Kreme boxes in the trash.  Someone obviously couldn't resist.

Pickleball still continues on a daily basis.  Folks from Mission Royale and Robson now rotate to the different locations so there are enough players for the round robbins.

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