Thursday, May 08, 2014

It's getting quiet here now.

Mornings are pretty quiet around here now.  I had to laugh this morning when I saw a lonely piece of tumbleweed crossing the road.

Although....sometimes quiet is good because we finally see a little bunny on occasion.  They seem to have all but disappeared this year.

 We spotted some strange looking equipment coming in the front gate so had to check out what they were doing.

They've installed some HIGH fencing to secure the softball field and try to prevent foul balls from interrupting pickleball play.

Spotted these bright red flowers as we drove down Desert Willow Drive.  Looks like roses from a distance.  Roses growing in a tree???

Yup.  That sure is what it looks like.  Very pretty.  (Site 505)

Cactus flowers still surprise us on a daily basis.  Check out these beauties on such a short little stub of cactus.

And this one is just determined to grow!  The plant is all bent over and is suspended by a rope but is topped with a massive cluster of pretty yellow flowers.

These yucca plants are definitely weird too.  They look like short stubby trees but this time of year they send up these tall huge stalks that open into pretty flowers up above.  

Here's another weird beauty.  Never a dull moment when out on our rounds.  Always something new to see.

Although our numbers are dwindling, we still gathered with some friendly folks for a nice happy hour.  Weather was absolutely beautiful today.  

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