Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day plus more

Memorial Day, Monday, May 26 

Flags at half mast in memory of our troops.  It is always a sobering sight.
Indoors we celebrated the day with a group luncheon catered from Culvers with yummy chicken, cole slaw, and mashed potatoes.  Of course there was lots of luscious dessert!
Thanks to the Culver's team (and Linda Balzan for guiding them around our kitchen.)
I hope I didn't miss any tables as I wandered around the room.
Now for other scenes around the park.
Doesn't mama dove look cute nesting in her very own tree?  What a perfect place for her.  She says thank you to Joe and Bev Guidinger for hosting the spot.
To all you fans who have been following mama duck:  Her agony is now over.  She received some loving care from folks who didn't want to see her suffer anymore.  The nest has been removed and the area all cleaned up.  The last two remaining eggs were doomed.  Who knows how long the poor mama would have continued to sit in that intense sun every day.  Now she is free to run and play with her friends.  Better luck to her next time.
It's fun to watch all the different fruit trees in the park.  It's a bonus to watch the yard of Len and Rosemary Nichol as they have a kumquat tree in their backyard and I get a refreshing handful (or two) of yummy fruit each time we visit.
Across the street at Bill and Sue Leeson's, there is a fig tree that has a VERY bountiful crop of figs this year.  I had never had a raw fig before.  I learned from a neighbor that they're even better if you spread a little honey on them.  Yup.  They're good!
No blog entry is complete unless we have a flower picture.  How about these yellow beauties!
Landscaping downed another tree on the course where the driving cage was located.
 I end today's entry with some wonderful news for those of you who know Art and Audrey Combs.  We met Art while out on our rounds and he was very happy to report that Audrey's last Doctor visit showed her to be cancer free!!!!  Yahoo!!!
I'll put this photo at the end where I usually post cartoons.  This is  Donna Cox and me with our toys in the swimming pool.  LOL
Wow.....just checked the stats for this blog.  Lots of traffic now that you're all back at your other home!


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  1. Jill Gaines9:06 PM

    Thanks so much for your posts Sue...love PalmCreek and looking forward to next year. Seeing the fun activities through the summer is
    such a treasure...you're the best!
    Jill and Steve Gaines


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