Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Activities Relocates

The front desk staff is now located across the street in the sales office while the area is being remodeled.  Our new General Manager, Lisa Saber, wants to have her office "up front" where the people are so she is readily accessible.   Part of that foyer area will become her office. 
Activities made the temporary move to the Zuni room.
This area will be remodeled too.
Meanwhile, Brandy Wood and MaryAnn Brown have managed to unpack so they can continue planning for the upcoming season. 
Donna Cox is back in the mailroom.  As far as I know, no changes are planned in that department.
We entered the ballroom today for our Fiesta luncheon.  Tacos and all the fixings were served for a yummy lunch.  The electricians are already at work in the ballroom.  I believe they're going to install overhead fans in the room plus lots of painting and redecorating. 
Here's another picture of the electrician I previously called "legs" because we only talked to him while he was on top of a ladder with his head above the ceiling tiles.  I learned today that David is a beekeeper!  That's exciting news because now when we find another bee nest, we can call David and he'll save the bees rather than having to destroy them.  Our world needs the bees!
From left to right:  Ed and MaryAnn Brown, Gail and Stan Tollison
Thanks for the nice taco lunch! 
The Santan Room has become our haven for the summer afternoons.  We have lots of "toys" in there to keep us entertained.  We have a couple poker tables for our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night games; a couple card tables for bridge and mahjong; a pool table, a ping pong table, a couple long tables for the jig saw puzzle people, and a couple easy chairs with a supply of books from the library.  Today Luis and Jaime installed a Wii game console so we can start a bowling tournament or a couple grueling tennis games.   
Who says it gets boring here in the summer????  We have FUN.
And....of course....there is always a lovely pool for the evening enjoyment.  Tonight this gang hung out at the north pool while water volleyball met at the big pool.
I have more fun here than I ever did as a child in summer camp!

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