Saturday, June 21, 2014

Duck Crossing

Other than a myriad of remodeling and installation of new houses, life gets pretty quiet around here in the summer.  Doves are busy nesting anywhere they can get their bundle of sticks to rest without falling on the ground.
Don and I laughed as we actually had to stop our cart and wait for this duck to cross the road in front of us.  There's not a lot of traffic these days.
We spotted this VERY UNUSUAL cactus this week.  Never saw one quite like this before.
 Meanwhile.....back to the busy part of the park.  We said good morning to another pair of legs in the library.  They're very busy with all the re-wiring above the ceiling.
The mystery man finally popped out to say good morning.  Hi to David.
David's coworker is Bill.  They're contractors helping with the remodeling project.  I believe the library and the computer lab will be combined into one room.  That should give the library more room and make the computer lab more accessible. 
Trimming of bushes, trees and shrubs continue.  All the shrubs in front of the main buildings have been trimmed back.  Looks very nice!
It may be 105 degrees, but that doesn't stop us from having outdoor fun.  We meet at 5:00 at the nice shady pavilion for a happy hour and delicious potluck dinner before heading off to the swimming pools.  Some go up front for water volleyball and the rest of us head to the north pool for some "noodle time". 

I was just about ready to post this when I walked over to the coffee pot by the kitchen window and spotted two of our cute little tree lizards.  I didn't get to the camera quite fast enough to video their romantic interlude but I'm betting we'll have baby lizards before long. 

These little critters are quite plentiful anywhere greenery appears in the desert and they seem to really like our little flower bed.  We're delighted and happy to have them too because they eat MANY bugs and insects.  The more the merrier!
 It's really entertaining to watch the new daddy as he flexes his strong muscles and does his dance routine.
 Hope all you readers are having a GREAT day.  Drop me a line now and then to keep me motivated.  I love hearing from you.


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