Saturday, June 14, 2014

Remodeling and Stuff

Hi there.  How was your morning so far?  Mine started off with a nice big smile.  While out on our rounds this morning, we stopped in a house to flush the drains and look what was smiling back at me when I lifted the lid.  Cute! 
 (Thank you to Dave and Joan for giving us the first laugh of the day.
Yesterday's rounds were interesting too as we observed some of the "wildlife" around the park.  It is not uncommon to find a poor little scorpion trapped in a sink or bathtub as they look for water.  I feel obligated to the home owner to dispose of the little critters so took some tissues and tried to squish this guy.  After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally had to bash him with the drain stopper.  Tough bug!!  He does not squish easily.
Check out this critter!  How weird is this!  I tried to research him on the internet but couldn't find an ID for him.  Anyone have a clue what kind of beetle this is?
And then there are BEES.  Swarms and swarms of bees like to seek out new shelters.  A very LARGE swarm took over the empty pots at one of the houses we watch.
These stored flower pots were just covered with a jillion bees and they already had formed heavy honey combs.  I couldn't get close enough for a decent photo as the critters were very upset at the moment.
Fernando had just been there in his bee suit to persuade the gang to move to other less inhabited places. 
The back of his cart shows he went through quite an arsenal of wasp killer on the project. 

 Okay.....enough about bugs for today.  Now to the stuff you're really looking for.  Work continues on the bistro columns. I think the crew fits this project in between the myriad of other brick work jobs that are underway.....patios, pavers, etc. at resident homes.
We had a nice discussion with the feet in this picture.  I don't know if the man had a sense of humor or not but we enjoyed the short conversion.  Looks like all the lights are being removed in the billiards room as part of the remodeling project.
All the bookshelves are being removed from the library. 
Walls will be moved as new rooms and expansion work continues.  I'm hoping for more detailed info as to what the final outcome will look like so stay tuned as the project develops.
We spotted Lisa Harold (our new GM) and Lillie Corbitt heading off to work.
Everything is removed from the front lobby too.  This area may become more office space.  Will get details later.
New houses keep coming in.
Spotted Vera Burke and Lynne Rogers up at the main pool for an early morning swim.  They both attended the overnight bus trip to Fort McDowell and said it was really a LOT of fun.  Rumor has it that Avis and Larry Gray were big winners at one of the promotional events there.
Work continues in the Saguaro Room where special events will have their new storage area.
Last item on the tour is another picture of this nice palm tree in the area outside the golf shop.  It's very unusual and always catches my attention.  I'm continually amazed at the wide variety of plants and trees in Arizona.  I find them all fascinating.  When you come back to our little piece of paradise here, be sure to take time to look around at nature's beauty.
I've heard from folks in Wisconsin that the mosquito population is really booming this year.  The proof is in the new warning signs posted along the highways.


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