Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Day

Joel drew a tough hard job for digging this long trench by hand in the hot summer sunshine.  Whew!  I believe this is in preparation for moving the trash receptacles located behind the sewing room and enclosing them.
 Work continues with remodeling of the library and computer lab.  This area will be expanded or perhaps combined.  Will have to wait and see. 
Here's what it looks like with all the rash and ladders cleared out.
Jose has the clean up job for the palm trees today.  Those branches are sharp!   
Trimming continues. 
While our staff works hard.....we summer residents play hard.  They had a big turn out for an evening water volleyball game.
Here's another great way to spend a hot summer afternoon.  Have a little wine with your Pegs and Jokers game!!  (Suzette Taylor, Lillie Corbitt, Sue Hepler, Sue Neuman, Peggy Brown, Avis Gray)
Had to stop and snap a photo of the front pond this morning.  The reflection was really pretty.

Have a GREAT day!  Cheers!


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